The Easter message of Pope Francis: “Do not lose hope”

Pope FrancisPhoto: AP Photo / Yara Nardi, pool

During a vigil in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome on Saturday evening, Pope Francis asked believers not to lose hope due to the corona crisis.

“In the hour of darkness when humanity is struggling with the pandemic and other diseases, Christians must remember the Easter message and not be afraid,” the 84-year-old leader of the Catholic Church said.

One of the most important messages of Easter is that it is always possible to start again. Even from the deepest abyss of mankind, God has created something new, the pope emphasized.

“In the dark months of the pandemic… listen to the Lord when he invites us to start again and not lose hope,” Pope Francis said.

Due to corona restrictions, there was limited access to the church, and about 200 believers and clergy attended the mass.

Easter is celebrated in memory of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection and is the most important holiday of the church year for both the Catholic, the Orthodox, and the Protestant churches.

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