The government tightens up on tourist fishing

Salmon fishing Numedalslågen.Svarstad.Salmon fishing Numedalslågen.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Starting the new year there will be a requirement to fish at registered fishing companies if you are planning to take your catch with you out of the country.

-” I am hoping that this can strengthen the serious part of the tourist fishing industry.”; said Odd Emil Ingebrigsten (H), Minister of Fisheries and Seafood. 

In addition to the new rules on registered companies, there will be a severe tightening on how much fish one can take with them and tighter regulations on catch reports for tourist fishing companies.

-” We will also look further into the question whether it might be possible to set a daily quota or other forms of regulation for the level of activity, through dialogue with companies.”, said Ingebrigsten.

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