The King is on a fishing trip to the Alta River – but no salmon took the bait

King Harald.Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

King Harald has spent two days in Altaelva with good fishing friends. Although some in the tour were able to catch some fish, there was no salmon to be had for the King.

King Harald has fished at the fishing spot, Mikkeli, far up in the river, but the largest fish caught was of 17 kilos, according to Altaposten. Former State Attorney, Georg Fredrik Rieber-Mohn, was the one to catch that.

“Sure, we caught some on the hike. I didn’t even get salmon this year, but several of the others were lucky. One out of three was put back in the river,” King Harald told the newspaper.

After spending two days in the fishing spot, the King returned with the riverboat back to Sorrisniva on Thursday afternoon. His Majesty was pleased with the annual fishing trip to the country’s northernmost county.

“It was brilliant as usual. This is my annual, big and nice trip – and it is an adventure to be here,” the King said about this year’s trip.

According to Staker, Tor Kjetil Wisløff, it was for the 25th time he has gone fishing with the Norwegian King to the Alta River.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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