The politicians in Bergen will limit cruise traffic

Illustration:Cruise Ship M.S Viking StarIllustration:Cruise Ship M.S Viking Star

The Bergen City Council is in favour of reducing the number of cruiseship visits to the city and asks the City Council Board to propose how this could be done.

Bergen is one of the most popular cruise ports in the country and Scandinavia. Last year, 338 cruise ships came to the city, and a total of just over 550,000 cruise passengers went ashore.

Bergen City Council is now in favor of cutting sharply the number of cruiseship tourists to the city. A proposal from group leader Sofie Marhaug from the Socialist party, called for the inner harbour port to be regulated with one berth only for cruise ships with a maximum passenger number of 1,000 passengers.

That proposal was backed by the city council in the meeting on Wednesday.

– The city council also agreed that regulation of port areas can be a suitable tool for limiting cruise traffic. The City Council therefore requested that the City Council Executive Board deliver a proposal on how simultaneous dockings can be curbed by the first half of 2021, the Bergen municipality writes on its website.

In the past, Bergen has decided to limit the number of cruise passengers to 8,000 per day. The goal is to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and congestion in the city’s streets.

Tourist buses are also denied driving over Bryggen and Torget and in Øvregaten during the summer, writes Bergens Tidende.

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