The weather is turning – high temperatures for the week

Summer weather in Frogner Park in OsloSummer weather in Frogner Park in Oslo.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

After a rainy start to the weekend in several places, warmer temperatures return in almost the entire country this week. In southern and eastern Norway, they can get over 20 degrees.

The weather forecast is a good news for everyone who is going on holiday in the south and east of Norway in the coming period, which can have temperatures between 20-25 degrees over the next week, according to the Meteorological Institute.

– “It looks like there is a lot of speculation in Eastern Norway on the preliminary forecast. Especially towards next weekend, it is likely that there may be higher temperatures here,” says state meteorologist Magnus Haukeland to NTB on Friday afternoon.

After a wet start to the weekend in large parts of southern Norway, it will probably be dry the rest of the weekend. Western Norway, will probably have to settle for somewhat unstable weather throughout the coming week.

– “It may not be the best weather week, if you take a holiday trip to Western Norway, but there will still be periods of stay-in weather here as well,” Haukeland says.

Both Trøndelag and northern Norway seem to have good temperatures for the coming week, with up to 20 plus degrees.

– “Trondheim can get up to 20 degrees from Tuesday-Wednesday, and the long-term forecast shows up to 18 degrees in Tromsø next weekend,” Haukeland says.

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