Three out of five against closing down the FM network

Radio Digital DABRadio. Photo

Over 60 percent of the respondents say they are against the closing down of the FM network and the transition to DAB radio, according to a survey made on behalf of Dagbladet.

Only 16 percent say they are in favour of the radio signals being transferred to DAB.
– Despite massive campaigns of the national players, neither technical or substantive arguments have managed to convince the majority of  radio listeners that they need DAB  ,   Paul Lomeland, leader of Norwegian Local radio Association says. Communication Manager Mari Hagerup in Digitalradio Norway, on the other hand, says  that it is necessary to replace the FM network:
– I think it’s natural that people want to keep the old system because it is known and loved. But people must not forget that radio DAB system is very good and will allow people  across the country more channelse to choose from.
The survey was conducted by Ipsos with 1,000 respondents from June 22 to July 1.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today