To our readers – Arvixe server problems

It has since Tuesday been over 60 hours downtime. The newspaper has been unavailable .
We ‘ve finally gotten to know why this happens. Arvixe , our server provider , is currently working to replace servers.
In this process there are many companies , blogs and us as a newspaper that has been having problems with stability and availability. The biggest problem here is that Arvixe as a company apparently have dessided to not tell their cutomers about this. We have had many talks with their Live Chat systems and customer service with no effect. We only get to know that they are working on it, and they apologize for the problem.They can not give us a date for when everything will be fine but we hope it happens soon. Unfortanely this effect you as a reader to. We are not able to push out news or keep a the site up and running.

As an effect of this ongoing problems, we already have bought services at a new host provider. Sadly, we are not able to move our systems over to the new provider due to Arvixes problems with servers shutting down. Hence our WebDev team is not able to do the needed work to move us to the new server.

We are considering legal actions towards Arvixe as a result of this.
We are standing by with more news and information for you as soon as we know more.


Sincerely , The NewsTeam


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  1. Arvixe is one of the best hosting providers I have ever used. Fastest to react, stabile and affordable. Even today I have at least 4-5 sites running on rosebloom machine over there.

    • Hi. We can not say that everyone have problems with Arvixe. But in our talkes with Arvixe service support we have ben told that they do have problems maintaining their servers. We also have had good experiences with Arvixe in the past, but the last 6 months they have had problems. At the moment since we launched the new look of the newspaper we have had about 70 hours downtime in one week. We also have had problems before this. We are sitting on the transcripts from our chats with their support giving proof to the problems. Both Arvixe and we are working on the situation and for us the solution is to choose a new server host. If any of our readers do wanna look into this, go to google and search for information/feedbacks and comments about Arvixe. We do not know if it is all their servers, but they have confirmed they are working on a server transfer that are making problems. Hope this gives some answers for you 🙂 Sincerely, WebTeam

  2. Thanks for the news.
    Arvixe has been taken over by one of the larger companies EIG, and since they took the company over there have been nothing but problems.
    We are changing to HFL when we are able.
    Arvixe used to be really good, their support staff were brilliant, but now EIG have taken over it really has gone to the dogs.
    RIP Arvixe.

    • This puts the things in completely new perspective. RIP Arvixe. Off to look into moving my websites.

  3. from 24/7/2016 all my down for 9 days until now and i chat a lot of times
    very very very bad support no issue update, no EST,
    I lost my clients and all my work stop until now
    i work in this filed from 15 years ago and try a lot of hosting it is first time server down for 9 days until now “disaster”

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