Top 10 stories of the week: Your Saturday morning coffee briefing Dec 5

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In case you missed it: Catch up on your weekly news with the top 10 Norway Today stories this week.

Here’s your weekly Saturday morning briefing.

1. Norwegian government proposes a new law to ensure that everyone has a home

Almost 180,000 people in Norway struggle to get a roof over their heads on their own. Now the government wants to tighten municipalities’ responsibility to ensure everyone has a place to live.

2. Record bust: Norwegian police find over 700 kilos of hashish worth 140 million kroner in a trailer in Skien

A Norwegian and a Lithuanian man were arrested after the police found over 700 kilos of hashish in a trailer in Skien. The confiscated amount is one of the largest in Norwegian history.

3. Scientist bets NOK 1 billion that the world’s first 200-year-old person has already been born

Professor Stuart Kim of Stanford University believes that people already alive today will live to be 200. According to the professor, average life expectancy is increasing by about 2.5 years each decade. He’s so confident in this, that he’s bet (with a group of scientists) the equivalent of NOK 1 billion on it!

4. Government says it’s very important that enough people live in Northern Norway

The government says it is crucial for Norway’s security policy that people live in Northern Norway. The new report on the High North focuses on housing and entrepreneurial funds for young people.

5. Brexit agreements between Norway and UK secure citizens’ rights after New Year

Both Norwegians’ rights in the United Kingdom and British rights in Norway are secured in separate agreements after the transition period expires at New Year.

6. Almost 15% of households in Norway have low incomes

According to Statistics Norway, most low-income households have relatively little wealth and own their own homes less often than don’t have low incomes. 

7. Village of Fucking decides to change name

The village Fucking in Austria has decided to change its name. Residents are tired of thieves stealing the signs with the village name.

8. Norway’s Socialist Left party asks parliament to stop the expulsion of 18-year-old Mustafa Hasan from Norway

The Socialist Left (SV) is taking the expulsion of Mustafa Hasan (18) from Norway to the Norwegian parliament (Storting). The reason for the deportation is that Hasan’s mother incorrectly stated the nationality when they came to Norway in 2008.

9. Norway’s security guard strike escalates, Nyhamna gas plant must shut down

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions stepped up the security guard strike on Saturday, and another 85 guards are now on strike. Due to the escalation, the Nyhamna gas plant has to shut down.

10. Finding it hard to land a job as a foreigner in Norway? Follow these expert tips

It is tough to get a job as an immigrant in a foreign land, but with the right preparations, it’s not impossible. On the topic, Norway Today spoke to experts at Skillhus, a recruitment agency that works to bridge the gap between skilled migrants and refugees and the Norwegian job market.

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