Overhead line torn down on Sørlandsbanen

Train and overhead line.Train and overhead line (in Germany). Photo: pixabay.com

Trouble on Sørlandsbanen – overhead line torn down

There is a complete stop on Sørlandsbanen (Southern Railway) between Drammen and Hokksund after a train tore down the overhead line (drive line) at Steinberg in Buskerud.


Bane Nor states that there is a temporary bus service between Drammen and Hokksund. The Bergen railway takes a detour via Roa, and thereby circumvent the problem.

Just after 4 am on Monday, Bane Nor announces that they expect to have corrected the fault around noon on Monday. They also inform of an update at the same time.

The problems affect the regional train between Oslo and Stavanger and L12.

– The situation is that a train has torn the overhead line down. The train is blocking the line, so we have to pull it out of the way using a diesel engine. After that we have to get the damage repaired, says Kjell Bakken in Bane Nor to NTB.

NSB announces that there will be some delays, asking people to use their App and nsb.no.


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