Two Swedish regions stop using AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine after side effect reports

AstraZeneca vaccinePhoto: AP Photo / Frank Augstein

Two Swedish regions have temporarily stopped using the corona vaccine from AstraZeneca after a large number of health professionals reported possible side effects.

On Friday, the vaccination was stopped in the Sörmland region southwest of Stockholm. 

The Gävleborg region, which is located about 200 km north of Stockholm, has also decided to stop vaccination, for the time being, SVT writes.

In Sörmland, a total of 400 hospital employees received a dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine on Thursday. 

Out of the 400, 100 people reported what they suspect to be side effects, such as fever.


AstraZeneca is surprised by the high proportion of symptoms.

“It does not fit what we have seen,” Andreas Heddini, medical director of the Swedish-British pharmaceutical company in the Nordic region, noted.

He says that studies have shown that about 10% of people get side effects of the type that are being reported.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. Zuzana Fejerčáková | 20. February 2021 at 10:06 | Reply

    Hello! In further reference to the article I would like to share my experience with the vaccine. I got vaccinated one week ago with AstraZeneca and side effects included chills and fatigue which vanished within 24 hours. My colleagues reported similar effects plus two of them had fever.However, any side effects diminished and we are expecting the second dose of vaccine after which, allegedly, side effects are worse yet should disappear within 48 hours.

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