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Two out of three reports of domestic violence are dropped

ViolenceViolence.Photo: pixabay


Police get progressively more complaints that involve domestic violence, but most are dismissed.

– It is difficult to investigate these types of cases. Among other things because that the abuse happens behind closed doors, with few or no witnesses, acting Section Leader in the Police Directorate, Randi Borge, told NRK.

The number of complaints filed concerning domestic violence has increased by 35 percent since 2012, while nearly two out of three cases – 65 percent – were put aside by the police last year. The proportion of dismissals is increasing, according to a review of the figures from the Police Directorate.

Domestic violence is not a priority in rural areas, Tove Smaadahl in the Women’s Shelter Secretariat says.

– Things are dependent on the individual and dependant on where one makes a complaint. This is not how it should be, Smaadahl says. Recalling that police encourage reporting of domestic violence.

– One should not encourage filing a complaint when society fails to protect and fulfil the expectations, she says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today