UD: Big challenges associated with Pakistani visa applications

Pakistani flag Zaman repatriationPakistani flag. Photo: pixabay.com

The Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, reports extensive cheating and false information in the Schengen visa applications.


“The local Schengen group estimates that as high as 80 to 90 percent of the applications are submitted with false documentation and incorrect information,” says a report from the embassy, ​​Aftenposten writes.

“The verification process is resource-intensive, and security challenges in Pakistan also contribute to the fact that verification of documents is difficult for the embassy,” said Ambassador Tore Nedrebø to the newspaper.

The Embassy says the number of Schengen applications is increasing and believes the reason may be that Norway, due to inadequate verification of documents, appears to be the “weakest link in the Schengen chain”.

The report also reveals that the Embassy has received tips that Pakistanis pay high amounts of money for an invitation to Norway.

“It’s easy to believe that it is because the applicant believes that an invitation will strengthen his visa application,” Nedrebø said.


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  1. I had this doubt from the day I first visited Norway. What more can you expect from a criminal country like Pakistan. What surprises me is the blindness of Norway Government to let those bastards enter into Norway. There are so many Pakistanis in Norway and most of them are ass holes – everybody in Norway knows that but stays reluctant. You should kick them back to their terrorist country.

  2. Hey abc, I read your comment and I am so sorry to hear that. You may never be able to feel the way how I feel who lives in the SHITHOLE name Pakistan and has the exact same views you have. I dont know what I did to deserve being born here. I would just say one thing here. Not everyone is the same in this world. It might be true that majority of Pakistanis you find would be fraud and do bad stuff but not everyone.

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