Man arrested after grisly discovery of nine bodies in Japan

TokyoThis aerial photo shows the apartment, center, where police found dismembered bodies in coolers in Zama city, southwest of Tokyo, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. A police spokesman said Tuesday the 27-year-old suspect confessed to cutting up the bodies and hiding them in cold-storage cases, covered with cat litter. (Kyodo News via AP)

Japanese police have found the remains of nine people in an apartment in a suburb of Tokyo. The 27 year old man who lived in the apartment has been arrested.


The news was announced by Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK news. The news agency, Jiji Press, wrote that several of the bodies were dismembered.

Two decapitated heads were found in a refrigerator in the apartment, according to Jiji Press. Later, the other bodies were found in a number of large boxes in the apartment in the city of Zama, south of Tokyo, wrote local media outlets.

‘I killed them and cut up the bodies to hide the evidence,’ the 27 year old suspect told police, according to NHK.

According to several media sources, the victims included eight women, and one man.

The police came to the address while investigating the disappearance of a 23 year old woman. She and the alleged perpetrator came into contact on social media, and were seen together last week. The woman is believed to be among the bodies found in the man’s apartment.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today