US Democrats want Norwegian neo-Nazis on terror list

USA Flag Visa-freeThe "Stars and Stripes" is the flag of the United States of America. Photo: Pixabay

High-ranking Democrats in the United States are asking Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo to list the Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM) on a list of terrorist organizations.

DNM is among several groups listed in the letter, signed by 40 high-ranking US Democrats, writes Filter News. They want the organization classified as a foreign terrorist organization – the FTO.

Other groups mentioned in the letter are the paramilitary Azov battalion in Ukraine and the British right-wing extremist network National Action.

-There are a number of examples of foreign white power groups that fit the criteria. The American people deserve an explanation for why these groups are not included in the FTO list, Pompeo’s letter states.

If DNM is put on the list, it will, among other things, mean that its members are not allowed to enter the US, and that all money transfers affected by US banks will be frozen. From now on, IS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Boko Haram are listed.

The Nordic resistance movement calls itself national socialists. They want to stop what they call mass immigration to the Nordic countries and throw out those who are not of the “Nordic race”.

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