US Navy on board KNM Helge Ingstad

KNM Helge Ingstad US NavyØygarden Archipelago. KNM Helge Ingstad. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

American NATO soldiers were on board when Helge Ingstad collided

US Navy personnel are being questioned for their role on board KNM Helge Ingstad when it collided with the tanker Sola.


According to Bergens Tidende, the Norwegian Accident Commission sent a letter to the US Navy Forces Europe. As far as the content of the letter is concerned, the Norwegian Accident Commission will not elaborate on to the newspaper, and the letter itself is exempt from the public.

“This is a matter for the Armed Forces, and they must answer. We do not want to say anything about who was on board or where they came from,” says Dag S. Liseth in the Norwegian Accident Commission (Havarikommissionen).

He does not want to say anything more than that they have a good overview of who were on board both the involved vessels.

The US Navy will not comment on the case for investigative purposes.


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