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Veterinary Association about imports of street dogs

Street dogsStreet dogs.Photo:


Street Dogs from other countries can lead to serious, incurable and fatal infection in humans and animals. The Norwegian Veterinary Association urged halting all imports of street dogs.

– More and more people in this country adopt and import dogs from abroad. Many of these are street dogs or not properly taken care of prior to entry. Reports in Sweden have shown that dogs in other countries are farmed and then exported as street dogs, According to Torill Moseng president of the Norwegian Veterinary Association.

According to the National Veterinary Institute there were several dogs that were imported from Eastern Europe in 2012, they were not protected against rabies, although they had to attest that they were infact vaccinated. Deficient treatment against the dreaded parasite fox dwarf tapeworm, was discovered in some of these pets.

– We believe that the breeding of dogs in order to prepare them as street dogs is cynical fraud for profit, said Moseng.

The National Veterinary Institute has previously expressed concerns about the increasing importation of animals from countries with other sources of infection than those we have in Norway.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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