Visitors record at the Blink Festival

Blink Festival SandnesThe anual Blink Festival in Sandnes for cross-country and biathletes. Photo Ørjan Dalseth / Blink.

Visitors record at the Blink Festival in Sandnes

The Blink Festival (Target) sets a visitor record, with about 100,000 visitors through the week. “The biggest event ever in Sandnes!” Mayor Stanley Wirak exclaims.

“It was brilliant both in terms of the audience, sports and concerts. It was totally amazing. I am very proud,” the CEO of the Blink Festival, Odd Langhelle, tells Stavanger Aftenblad.

There is no doubt that this year’s festival set a visitor record, according to Langhelle. Although they have no measuring points for counting them, they are absolutely sure that they have had more visitors than ever before, an estimated 100,000 in total.

“There are so many high points, but I want to highlight the mood that arose at the finish of the finals on Saturday. It was magical. The same can be said about the atmosphere at the concerts,” Langhelle continues.

Famous Norwegian artists

Langhelle emphasises Saturday’s D.D.E concert with 15,000 spectators.

The Blink Festival invites to evening concerts every year. This year, well-known Norwegian artists entered the stage. The festival opened with Bjørn Eidsvåg in Ålgård. In Vaagen, the audience has streamed to Madcon on Friday and DDE on Saturday.

“The totality of everything made the festival a tremendous experience.”



The biggest event in Sandnes ever

Mayor Stanley Wirak thinks this year’s festival is tip-top.

“It gets better every year. This year I think everything is coming together – weather, crowd, exciting sports and a great program,” Wirak says.

“It’s not just a visitor record for the Blink Festival. With about 100,000 visitors, this year’s festival is probably the biggest event in Sandnes history,” Wirak concludes.

Video from the Blink Festival

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