The water overflowed in one-half hour in Skjåk

Skjåk floodFlood victim Trond Brandsar has been checking his house in Bismo. Mild weather and heavy rain have led to spring flood conditions in late autumn. Photo: Ørn Borgen / NTB scanpix

The water overflowed in a matter of minutes in Skjåk

– The water came in half an hour, says Trond Brandsar, who lives in one of the flooded areas in Skjåk. Skjåk is normally considered as the driest place in Norway.


– This has been terribly bad. I almost did not sleep at all last night, the 32-years-old tells NTB outside his home at Bismo on Monday morning.

He, his wife and their two children had to leave their house in a hurry the day before. Then water from the Otta River poured into the housing area where they live.

Had to evacuate

“When I got up on Sunday, it sounded like it was raining a bit. But when I looked outside, I realised that it was not rain which made the sound.

A walkway at the upper side of the house had turned into a stream. And it quickly became bigger.

– After half an hour the water had come across the lawn and into the house. Then we thought it was time for us to leave.

While the family sought refuge with Brandsar’s parents, the water rose above the foundation and up to the wall panel. Even so, there seems to be no major damage inside the house.

A bit surreal

Brandsar is a soldier in the national guard and was initially called up to contribute to the containment of the flood in Skjåk.

– But I was exempt since I was a flood victim as well, he says.

Lena Kolden (48) and her two daughters also had to evacuate when the water rose in the residential area near the Otta River in the Bismo hamlet.

– It was a bit surreal, she says.

Kolden estimates that at least 14 homes in this area were evacuated on Sunday. There are still huge amounts of water running through the gardens and streets.

– There is a lot of work in store for us, she concludes.



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