Weak Security Discovered Among ICT Workers

Information TechnologyInformation Technology.Photo: Jan Haas / NTB scanpix

Tekna, (Teknisk-naturvitenskapelig forening) the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical & Scientific Professionals, has issued a press statement warning of security vulnerabilities within the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry.


Tekna sponsored the survey among 500 of its professional members holding a Master of Science degree or higher within the ICT industry. The survey found that only a third of those working with security-based information systems felt that they were trained well enough in security to successfully accomplish their work.

Tekna President Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg gave comment upon the surprising results of the ICT security survey, saying “It’s startling to discover that master’s degree professionals working within technology and ultimately responsible for ICT security, frankly admit to having an inadequate, security-based education to draw upon when attempting to fulfill their ICT job requirements.’ –

“This ICT security survey indicates that it’s imperative to take immediate action within the educational system to improve ICT security knowledge,” concluded Randeberg.

President Randeberg positions that to rectify the security weakness within the ICT sector, education of ICT security basics & advanced skills must make a stronger educational presence within Norway’s Master & Doctorate program curricula.

Among Tekna’s surveyed ICT professionals, 72% believed they needed more ICT security education.

Among the ICT professionals specializing in security, 56% responded as having only a medium level of security knowledge, and almost 10% replied of having little or no knowledge of ICT security systems or protocols.

Only 36% of the survey respondents believed they had an adequate education in ICT security as needed to accurately accomplish their work.

Established 1874, the Oslo-based Tekna, (Teknisk-naturvitenskapelig forening) the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical & Scientific Professionals, was first named Den Norske Ingeniør-og Arkitektforening (The Norwegian Engineer & Architect Association’), and ultimately renamed Tekna in 2004.


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