Wet in the north, hot in the south: Here’s what to expect from the weather in Norway this week

OsloPhoto: Gunnar Ridderström / Unsplash

This week the temperatures are dropping, and it will rain in large parts of the country. However, in the south and east of Norway, some hot weather is still expected. 

June started wet for people in both Oslo and Tromsø when the low-pressure area from Southern Europe hit Norway, but the rainy weather quickly traveled north.

“This is the typical distribution for low pressure coming from the sea. There will be a lot of clouds and rain, and maybe a little extra wind along the coast from Western Norway and north, both in Trøndelag and Northern Norway. At the same time, Southern and Eastern Norway will be more sheltered by the mountains and get more sun and calmer weather,” on-duty meteorologist Pernille Borander at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

Forest fire danger in Eastern Norway

From Tuesday, the sun will return to Eastern Norway – up to 25 degrees are expected towards the end of the week. But in the capital area, some rain is expected during the weekend.

The rain is much needed, as a forest fire danger warning is still in place for Eastern Norway, Borander said.

However, she emphasized that the rain is not enough to mitigate the risk of fires in forests and dry terrain, where the water quickly dries up again.

“People in Eastern Norway can enjoy themselves and continue their summer activities, but they must be extra aware of the risk of forest fires. Even if there is some precipitation today, it is not enough to reduce the risk of forest fires. One must be especially careful with open fires because they can quickly affect large areas, as we saw on Sotra.”

Indoor activities

Tromsø and the rest of Northern Norway have to wait a little longer for the summer. 

Cloudy weather and wind from the sea combined with rain are expected in Western Norway and Trøndelag. 

Borander recommends that people enjoy some quality time indoors while it rains.

“People have sat in front of screens a lot during these corona times, so maybe they should bring out some board games and relax a bit,” she advised.

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