Woman failed the theory test 49 times – convicted of cheating

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A 40-year-old Syrian woman who failed the theory test 49 times, has been sentenced to seven months in prison. The Prosecution service believes that she contributed to extensive cheating.

Figures from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that from 2009 to 2015 she took the theory test 49 times. In 2009 alone, she showed up at traffic centres 19 times to take the test. She failed all of them.

According to Agder Lagmannsrett, the motive was to collect response alternatives that her husband would then use to help several immigrants pass the Theory test, even though several of them would not know enough Norwegian to understand the questions.

The matter was discussed by the website Motor before the weekend.

– Denied the extent
In Larvik District Court, in 2018, the woman and the man were sentenced to nine and ten months’ imprisonment for cheating respectively, which was carried out using specially tailored shirt pockets and a mobile camera. Another 18 people were found guilty of cheating on their Theory test, while three were acquitted.

The woman denied guilt both in the District Court and Agder Court of Appeal for contributing to the fraud to the extent that she was indicted, but the Court of Appeal writes in her judgment that “it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that she has been an active participant in the husband’s business”.

The Court of Appeal considered that seven months’ imprisonment is appropriate, of which four months are made conditional on a probation period of two years. This is somewhat milder than in the District Court, where she was sentenced to nine months in prison, five of which were conditional.

Several appealed
Her husband’s ten-month sentence from the District Court, as well as the confiscation of $ 250,000, is legally enforceable as he did not appeal.

Six of those convicted in the case appealed the District Court judgment to the Court of Appeal, but only three of them, including the 40-year-old woman, were referred to the appeal. In Agder Court of Appeal, a 37-year-old was sentenced to 30 days in prison for cheating, while a 24-year-old was acquitted of the same offence. 

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