Wettest New Year in Bergen since 1861

Bryggen in BergenBryggen in Bergen.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

So far, 2020 has provided 781 millimeters of precipitation in Bergen. This is more than ever recorded between January 1 and January 23, writes Bergens Tidende.

It is hobby statistician Robert Næs who has calculated the precipitation record.

“We have good records that date back to 1861. This is the wettest start of the year since then,” he told the newspaper.

781 millimeters of rainfall is more than Oslo gets in a whole year. In the capital, the normal rainfall is 763 millimeters.

Bergen has set several weather records in recent years, and in the fall of 2018 it rained three months in a row. From August to October of that year, 1,399.2 millimeters of rain fell.

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