Yuni (16) sews face masks in her room

16 year old Yuni Cheng WiikNesodden.16 year old Yuni Cheng Wiik : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Wearing face mask and gloves, 16-year-old Yuni Cheng Wiik sews colorful face masks for friends and acquaintances. – It’s nice to be able to contribute in my way, she says.

– It started out as a small thing where I sewed face masks for the family, but when my mom posted a picture of the face mask on Facebook, there were suddenly many more who wanted them, says Yuni Cheng Wiik to NTB.

Lately, the 16-year-old has had her hands full of sewing colorful face masks at home in her room at Nesodden. So far, she has sewn dozens of face masks, which she sells to friends and acquaintances who make contact after seeing them on social media.

Wiik is aware that she is taking infection protection seriously when she sews the face masks to help reduce infection.

– I wear face mask and gloves when I sew, so that those who buy them can be sure that it is safe to use the face masks, says Wiik.

Wiik has long been interested in making her own clothes and has, among other things, sewed her own graduation dress and ball gown.

– Now that the school is closed and I have to stay home a lot, it’s nice to have something to do. If I had not sewed these items, I would have sewn or knitted something else. That’s why it’s nice to be able to contribute in my own way, says Wiik.

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  1. Beautiful. And even with her facemask a beautiful girl. 🙂

    It is neat that they are decorated. They will be a wonderful keepsake to have a better memory of a scary time someday. They look like they’re washable too.

    Tusen tusen takk, Yuni!

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