Johaug back to cross-country initiative

Therese JohaugOslo.Therese Johaug go home. Her boyfriend Nils Jakob Hoff in the driver's seat with Therese Johaug, sitting behind in the car.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

A relieved Therese Johaug can forget about the makeshift courtrooms and return to concentrating on training after two days at Ullevaal.

After Thursday’s closing day, Johaug was a relieved and happy when she left Ullevaal and the enormous media attention. She will now return to her normal training routines.

– Now we can continue with what we have done up until the last two days. Therese has created a training schedule that she follows, and she’s going to follow it further. It’s really just continuing with what she’s been doing, said her Manager Jørn Ernst to NTB news channel.

– It will be enough to get back to on the snow and get a little skiing done. There are no other plans right now. So it will be exciting to see the results.

We hope the judgment will be decided as soon as possible so that this period will be as short as possible, he added.

Johaug was not nearly as upset as she was during the press conference in October when she was in tears, but it has still been a burden to have to re-live the events that led to her being suspended and in danger of being banned from the sport for over a year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. If there was clear evidence of doping going back months or years, I would not object. If actual criminals were treated worse by the media, I would not object. And if the media would not be so keen to tear down those who stand tall, I would not object. However, I do. Regardless of tests or bans, there is ultimately so much more to life than winning or money or popular opinion that I prefer not to see cases like this end like Mika Myllylaes. So, fare thee well – look forward, not back! Best regards, JK, Finland.

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