People support Therese Johaug

Therese JohaugOslo.A weeping skier Therese Johaug at Thursday's press conference.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian people believe Therese Johaug have little or no responsibility for the positive doping test, according to a poll in the newspaper VG.

Only 14.4 percent give her the full responsibility for what has happened, and just as many believe that she has a large share of the responsibility.

At the same time the survey, which InFact has made for the newspaper,shows that one out of three believes the case has had a negative impact on their interest in and enthusiasm for cross-country . Nearly 60 percent believe Norwegian cross country has a poorer reputation now than it had one year ago.

InFact also asked whether doping case has changed the level of trust and confidence in  Therese Johaug.  21 percent respond that it has boosted the level of trust and confidence in her, while 11 percent think it has been reduced.

– Damaging

Professor Siv Skard said  onThursday that she believes Johaug will be forgiven by the Norwegian people, but that the positive doping test can be very damaging to the reputation of Norwegian skiing.

– Two people have now been caught over a short period of time. Norway has been an ambassador for clean skiing and have been very judgmental when athletes from other nations have been caught earlier, said Skard said.

Skard is an associate professor of branding at the University Christiania.
She was shocked when she heard Therese Johaug had tested positive for the banned substance clostebol after using the cream Trofodermin on a sun burnt lip.

– The fact that it happens to Johaug is noteworthy. Like Johnsrud Sundby,  she has been considered to be a steady performer,  Skard continues.

In July it was announced that Røa runner Martin Johnsrud Sundby had been banned for two months for violating doping rules.


The case has already received considerable attention in the Nordic media and other media in Europe. Culture Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland and idrettspresident Tom Tvedt have both expressed despair over doping case.

– Norway is a proud ski nation. This is a sad day for all the people who love Norwegian sport,  Helleland said on Thursday.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. God Bless You Therese. We believe in You. You are the best and idol. We are sorry because so many people misbehave so cruelly and vulgarity way. I and my wife are common people here in Helsinki Finland and hope that You can stand this test. With LOVE from FINLAND

  2. Dirda László | 19. October 2016 at 11:31 |

    Dear Therese!
    I believe that as soon as you leave behind you in these difficult days, and will prove again on the snow that you’re the best! Without you it is not the same the cross-country skiing! I believe that after a year and a half from the top of the podium you’re going to smile to the World!.
    Best wishes to you:
    Laci, Hungary

  3. I stand plus 100& with this innocent, string, determined lady! I am sure she will be victorious finally! Keep it Therese!

  4. I mean 100%. I apologize for the error!

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