Karsten Warholm improved his own European record in the 400 meter hurdle race

Karsten WarholmStockholm, Sweden. Karsten Warholm.Photo: Christine Olsson / NTB scanpix

With a time of 46.87 seconds, Karsten Warholm improved his own European record in the 400 meter hurdles by 5/100 on Sunday. He then dropped the interview zone to run 400 flat.

There he ran into today’s second victory with a time of 45.05. The time is 18 hundredths behind his Norwegian record of 44.87 from Florø in 2017.

“Can we run 400 flat too? Leif (Olav Alnes) thinks so”, Warholm wrote on Instagram after the hurdle race.

The race is the second best ever in the special exercise 400 meter hurdles, nine hundredths behind Kevin Young’s world record from the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, timing 46.78. Warholm’s European record before the race was set on August 29 last year when he ran a time of 46.92 in Zurich.

“Fantastic race. The conditions were difficult. It is completely raw”, says coach Leif Olav Alnes to VG.

However, the race was not without challenges. He broke the last hurdle before the finish line, which may have taken away the world record from him.

“I think you, I and everyone saw how close it was. Around 10 hundredths, then he would have set a world record”, says Warholm’s competition fixer Ståle Jan Frøynes to VG.

The French Wilfried Happio and Ludvy Vaillant were closest to Warholm in terms of timings- 49.14 and 49.18, respectively.

Wind The Olympic Stadium from 1912 is particularly exposed to wind. Before Sunday’s convention, a wind of 6 meters per second was also reported. Therefore, Karsten Warhol chose to run in the outer lane (lane 8) and not in lane 7 as he is used to.

“He probably changed lanes primarily to get better protection against a possible wind, and also the turns are a little less sharp. A calculated and smart move”, said athletics expert Vebjørn Rodal to NRK before the race.

But the wind did not seem to bother the Norwegian.  

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