Norway has sent over 6000 asthma doses to the Olympics

Olympic Games - PyeongChang 2018Olympic Games - PyeongChang 2018

The Olympic team has sent over 6000 doses of asthma medicine to the Winter Olympics. That is several times more than Finland and Sweden,reported NRK news.


NRK looked at what kind, and how much, medication the team have sent to Pyeongchang. The list showed that there are 1800 doses of Symbicort, 1200 doses of Atrovent, 1200 doses of Alvesco, 360 doses of Ventoline, and 1200 doses of Airomir amongst the load.

‘We stand for the doses we have. We have calculated based on what we have had in the previous Olympic Games,’ said the head of the Norwegian health team at the Olympic Games, Mona Kjeldsberg,to NRK news.

‘The amount of doses seem very, very big for many. That I can understand.

If you break it down differently, the amount doesn’t look so great. There are 43 inhalers altogether, and they are meant for personal use. That is, when it is given to one athlete, the person will continue to use it, explained Kjeldsberg.

Norway also has 400 doses that can be used with an atomizer, and ten such objects. By comparison, Finland and Sweden have sent ten inhalers each to the Olympics, and no atomizers.

There has been misuse of doses for such an atomizers. Martin Johnsrud Sundby was banned for three months in 2016.


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  1. Paraolimpics games are in next month. When WADA do something with this Norwegian astmatics? Withouth medication they willl never be in TOP10

  2. This is obviously not a doping! Everybody knows that only Russians can be guilty.

  3. it’s fake

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