Skiing fun for one million children

Skiing fun for one million children snowChildren competing on skis. Photo: Telenor

The Telenor-karusellen will be arranged this winter for the 13th time. Since its inception, approximately one million children up to 12 years old have participated.


‘We are pleased to contribute to talent development in skiing,’ said Petten Svendsen, CEO of Telenor.
For a number of years, Telenor has collaborated with the Norwegian Ski Federation for Alpine and Cross Country skiing. In the alpine division, sponsorship is linked to top athletes, while Telenor-karusellen is enjoyed by a wide range of children in all ski styles.

‘We are clear in our sponsorship strategy that we wish to support both top and bottom. Telenor-karusellen is a broad-based initiative we are proud to be involved in,’ said Petten Svendsen, CEO of Telenor.

A million have participated

Telenor-karusellen was first organised in 2005. In recent years, the participation has been around 80,000 children in around 550 organisations around the country.

‘Together with the Ski Federation, we will help create activity in all ski resorts for children up to and including 12 years old.

Through Telenor-karusellen, we want to make the children’s events easier to arrange and more attractive to the participants.

This makes it easier for clubs to recruit more children, parents and coaches. Telenor-karusellen must have an open and inclusive form, and contribute to positive development, both sporting and socially’, said Svendsen.

Praise from Aksel Lund Svindal

Aksel Lund Svindal, the top alpine skier, is very pleased with the offer given by Telenor-karusellen.

‘The work in the clubs, and at the grassroots, is the most important thing in talent development. It is very good that Skiforbundet, and Telenor, help stimulate this with Telenor-karusellen.

I remember from my own upbringing how important it was to have an environment that takes care of you and develops you. That I succeeded largely depended on the fact that I had people who backed me all the way.

We who are role-models today, know that the breadth of Telenor-karusellen is the best guarantee for growth for the next generation,’ said Lund Svindal.

The application deadline for being an organiser during the coming season of Telenor-karusellen is the 12th of November.


Source: Telenor / Norway Today