Two men with cardiac arrest during bike race

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Two men with cardiac arrest during bike race, one died

Two men were critically injured after they both suffered cardiac arrest during the North Sea Bike Race (Nordsjørittet) in Sandnes. The University Hospital in Stavanger (SUS reports Sunday afternoon that a man in his fifties has died.


The two men 52 and 60 years old were in different places on the course when they had to receive treatment with a defibrillator Saturday afternoon, NRK writes.

– We have a very fast response time regarding such events, and in this case the scheme worked, says Chairman of the North Sea Race, Odd Skjærseth.

The two cyclists were then flown by helicopter to Stavanger University Hospital, which states that both are critically injured and that their condition is unstable.

According to Skjærseth, the two men are hobby cyclists and participate in a non-elite class.

Also in Nordland was a cyclist sent to hospital with serious injuries on Saturday after he went off the road and hit the crash barrier during a bike race.

Facts about the North Sea Race, Wikipedia.

[googlemaps] Nordsjørittet is a 91 kilometer long cycle ride from Egersund to Sandnes in Rogaland. The race was previously 83 kilometers long; this increased to 91 km after a modification of the race in 2009.
Nordsjørittet was an idea that was borne by Randaberg man Olav Nybø. Olav Nybø was active in Randaberg Bicycle Club. He had an idea to create a bike race that went along the North Sea from Egersund to Tungenes.To achieve this, he had to have help from other clubs. During the 1997 Rogaland Cycle Union’s Annual Meeting, Olav’s spectacular idea was presented. Nærbø Cycle Club and Dalane Sykleklubb was in on the idea.
Nordsjørittet was arranged for the first time the following year. But then the race went from Egersund to the Centre of Sandnes.
It was therefore quite natural that Sandnes Sykleklubb joined in on the organizing side.
There were just over 200 participants the first year.
Nordsjørittet is open to anyone who has reached or age 17. The only requirement for the riders is that they must wear protective head gear.


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