Celebrate Chocolate in Style

Chocolate Spa HotelBoucan By Hotel Chocolat, Santa Lucia, provides a luxurious chocolate experience. Photo: Hotels.com

How to celebrate the Int’l Chocolate Day in Style

This article contains information provided by Hotels.com, but as you are not bound to book through them, Norway Today has decided to publish this press release on hotels related to cocoa and chocolate.


OSLO, September 10th, 2018 – Most sweet-tooths agree that chocolate is a treat that truly deserves its own day of honour. The chocolate originates from South America, where it has a several thousand years of history attached to it, but today cocoa beans are cultivated in tropical zones throughout the entire planet Earth.

In connection with the International Chocolate Day on September 13th, a panel of experts from Hotels.com has compiled a list of hotels with extraordinary chocolate experiences.

Hotel Sacher Wien, Vienna, Austria

This family-owned, iconic and luxurious hotel is the origin of the world-famous Sachertorte. Guests can taste and experience this tasty tidbit in the renowned Café Sacher or try a calorie-free variant in the form of a «Time-To-Chocolate» treatment at the Sacher Boutique Spa. Hotel Sacher Wien is located in the very heart of Vienna, just across the street from the Vienna Opera House (Staatsoper).

A room at Hotel Sacher Wien costs from NOK 5.200 a night. You can place your reservation here

Boucan By Hotel Chocolat, Santa Lucia

If you really want to pamper yourself, you should visit the Boucan By Hotel Chocolat to experience everything that has to do with chocolate. This resort is for adults only and is located on a cocoa plantation that is still in operation. Fresh cocoa beans and chocolate thus play an important role both in the food and in the spa treatments at this accommodation.

A room at the Boucan By Hotel Chocolat is priced from NOK 5.250 a night. You can place your reservation here.

Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel, Merida, Mexico

Travel to the origins of the cocoa bean and chocolate! at Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel is chocolate a major part of the experience. In the spa, guests can get their own Xocolate manicure with the use of chocolate.

A room at Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel starts at NOK 2.400. Obtain your stay here.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth, England

This Chocolate themed hotel offers some truly unique experiences. Guests have access to a chocolate fountain where they can dip strawberries or marshmallows. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel Also offers chocolate workshops for those who want to learn more about this fantastic delicacy.

A room at The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is a bargain at NOK 480 a night. Available here.

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