Chinese tourists are denied travel – even to Norway

Chinese tourists.ChinaIllustration.Photo: Pixabay

Tourists from China are denied travel to other countries because of the coronavirus. For Norway, it could mean 85,000 fewer guest days if the ban lasts into the spring.

According to NRK, the ban also applies to trips to Norway.

This means that everyone who participates in group tours, as well as single travelers with pre-booked packages of airline tickets and hotels, are now not allowed to leave China, Visit Norway reports.

Market specialist Ingunn Sakshaug in Visit Norway tells NRK that the exit ban will last until May.

– China is one of the largest overseas markets for Norway during the winter. In January last year, we were up for 10,000 guest days. For February to May we are talking about 85,000 guest nights in Norway, so this is a big group, she says.

Visit Norway estimates that around 400,000 Chinese tourists will come to Norway in one year.

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  1. Because of the virus outbreak many Chinese nationals have been barred from visiting the other nation and has been restricted of visa issuance. Now after the outbreak in Japan and South Korea, both the nationals from this nation are now experiencing the same restriction.

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