Half of the Norwegians say they will spend the next summer vacation also within Norway

Summer weather in OsloSummer weather in Oslo.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

The more or less forced Norwegian vacation this summer has apparently been received well; almost half say they will do the same next year.

“Many tried their hand as a car tourist in their own country this summer. It seems to have given them a taste for it. In the short term, it may seem like the corona outbreak has changed our holiday habits”, says communications manager Camilla Ryste in NAF.

In a survey, Norstat has done for NAF, 46 percent of those surveyed answer that they will holiday more within Norway next summer. About half of them will use the car over other modes of travel, either in Norway (26 percent), abroad (2 percent), or both (21 percent).

Flexibility “Car holidays give people greater flexibility and the opportunity to adapt to their own budget”, Ryste emphasizes. “Additionally, many people probably think differently now when we plan the holidays ahead, as long as the uncertainty surrounding the corona infection is still great. What happens in the long term is uncertain, but in the short term it seems that the corona situation affects holiday planning for many, at least one year ahead”, she says.

Rest areas and crowds The survey shows that 69 per cent think that quality and cleanliness of picnic areas are important when they go on a car holiday, but only 38 per cent are satisfied with this after this year’s holiday. Correspondingly, 67 per cent answer that it is important to have a small queue and congestion at the stops, while only 48 per cent are satisfied with this.

“There have been many great picnic areas along the national tourist roads, but smaller picnic areas should also be adapted to the rise in local tourist numbers so that we can have more spots along the roads next summer. In that sense, the road authorities have quite a job ahead of them”, says Ryste.  

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