Hiker’s Club in Troms victim of cabin leeches

Troms Turlag Hiker's clubTroms Turlag has offers suitable for all. Photo: Troms Turlag.

Hiker’s Club in Troms victim of cabin leeches

Troms Turlag (Hiker’s Club) experience that many make use of their cabins without paying for themselves. The club has switched locks and abandoned the trust scheme in Lofoten because of the cabin leeches.


The Norwegian Tourist Association’s cabins all over Norway are generally open to anyone who possesses a universal key. Everybody does, however, not live up to that trust and make up for themselves after stays, writesr Nordlys.

Troms Hiker’s Club finds that many do not enter their names in the cabin log when staying overnight at their approximately 20 cabins. That affects the revenue of the association.

“When we look at the consumption at the cabins compared to how many who have signed in, we see that there is a big discrepancy, and, therefore, loss of revenue,” Chairperson of Troms Turlag, Arnulf Sørum, tells Nordlys.


No Universal Key

The problem became so extensive in Lofoten that the local branch had to change practice. The universal key from the Norwegian Tourist Association was replaced with separate keys for each cabin, collectable at the local Tourist Information office.

“We believe that there are more persons who are paying now, as you have to pick up the key and pay upfront,” Leader of Lofoten Turlag, Sigfús Kristmannsson, explains.

“It was hard to abandon the trust-based scheme, though,” he adds.

Sørum has considered following Kristmannsson’s example, but that is a hard decision to make. Troms Turlag, therefore,  chooses to live with the problem for the time being.

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