Increased guest nights in hotels in August

Hotel bedsIllustration. Hotel beds

The increase in number of guest nights in hotels was 1.6 per cent in August 2018 compared with August 2017. There were an increase in reported guest nights both from Norwegian and foreigners.


The accommodation statistics shows a reduction of 0.4 per cent in total number of guest nights at accommodation establishments, compared with August 2017. Guest nights from foreign countries increased by 0.8 per cent, while guest nights from Norwegians declined by 2.3 per cent.

Both guest nights in hotels from Norwegians and foreigners increased compared with August 2017, respectively with 2.1 and 0.7 per cent.

In August the were approximately 337 000 guest nights in both campers and tent/caravan. Compared with August 2017, guest nights in campers increased by 23 per cent, while guest nights in tent/caravan declined by 22 per cent.


Source: SSB / Norway Today