Record confiscation of illegal fish in northern Norway


Record confiscation of illegal fish in northern Norway

In just three months, the customs in Northern Norway seized 2,859 kilos of fish fillets. It is already more than the total seizure throughout 2016, which was 2.264 kilos.


Tourists in Norway who fish for own use is only allowed to take 15 kilos of fish out of the country. The average of the 30 seizures made up to now is about 95 kilos, more than five times more than allowed, NRK reports.

Most seizures have been done from Lithuanians, Poles and Germans.

– The fish is attempted to take out of the country in large vans or trucks with trailers that are equipped with one form or another for freezing elements, says regional director Atle Joakimsen in Customs Region Northern Norway.

Better control regime

The largest single seizure was made at Kivilompolo customs station in Finnmark, where the scales displayed 285 kg.

Chairman of the Board Roger Hansen in Fiskarlaget Nord (Fisherman union) believes that one of the reasons for the increase is the extensive rental of boats and fishing gear to tourists.

– Let those who run fishing tourist companies get the same control regime that we fishers have through reporting to the authorities. That will be a step in the right direction, he believes.


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