The Norwegian Outdoors industry fear the wear and tear for popular tourist destinations

GeirangerfjordGeirangerfjord.Photo: Hennie Blomsma,Hurtigruten

Many people state that they will visit Lofoten, the Telemark Canal and Geiranger this summer, among other things. This is worrying for the Norwegian Outdoor industry, which fears for greater wear and tear.

One in ten state they will visit Lofoten this summer, according to a new Ipsos survey. The Telemark Canal and Geiranger are also popular tourist gems, and 300,000 and 255,000 are likely to visit these places this summer.

In a press release, the NGO Norsk Friluftsliv writes that they are pleased that so many are drawn to nature and outdoor life, but believe the figures give cause for concern.

“If everyone is to squeeze into the same hiking areas for a short summer season, then both we and nature will have a problem,” says Lasse Heimdal, Secretary General of Norwegian Outdoor Life.

– Unfortunately, more people at the same tour site also means more litter and wear and tear. If close to half a million Norwegians are thinking of visiting Lofoten during their summer holidays, this could have major consequences, he warns.

Norwegian Outdoor Life hopes people dare to think alternatively when planning their vacation, so as to avoid unnecessary pressure and wear and tear on the most famous travel destinations.

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