Decrease in the number of corona patients admitted to Norwegian hospitals

Ullevål hospitalUllevål hospital.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

On Saturday, 306 coronavirus infected patients were hospitalized, which is 12 fewer than on Friday. The figures indicate that the measures have had an effect, according to an Institute of Public Health (FHI) researcher.

Researcher Petter Elstrøm at the Institute of Public Health emphasizes that although the decline from day to day may be by chance, much indicates that the national measures work.

“What we would have expected if the measures did not have an effect was a sharp increase in the number of patients, as seen in other countries, but in Norway it has not increased for a whole week, and that is an important and major effect,” says Elstrøm to NRK.

98 of the admitted patients are on respirators, two more than at the same time on Friday. 72 of these are hospitalized in Health Southeast (Helse Sør-Øst), the overview from the Directorate of Health shows.

62 deaths
Of the registered infected, 234 are hospitalized in Health Southeast, 37 in Health West, 20 in Health Central Norway and 15 in Health North.

62 people are registered deceased as a result of coronavirus. The deceased are between 51 and 102 years, and the average age is 84 years. 52 per cent of them are men.

On Saturday morning, an 80-year-old woman from Åsnes, Innlandet, died. Later in the day, an elderly person died in a nursing home in Tønsberg. These are the 61st and 62nd corona-related deaths in this country.

“This is a sad start to Easter, and I feel for the family and the relatives,” says Åsnes Mayoress Kari Heggelund (Senterpartiet) in a message on the municipality’s website.

Over 105,000 tested
So far, 5,510 people in Norway have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. Of these, 3,036 have been infected in Norway, while 1,542 have been infected abroad. For 932 people, the site of infection is unknown.

The highest infection rate per capita at county level is in Oslo, which has 221 registered cases per 100,000 persons. The lowest figure is in Nordland with 32.

On Friday afternoon, a total of 105,865 people had been tested for the virus. On average, about five per cent of the tests are positive.

By Friday, the Institute of Public Health had been informed of a total of 86,831 consultations with physicians and emergency departments about COVID-19-like symptoms

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