The world’s airlines earned NOK 660 billion in additional fees last year

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

Airlines worldwide took over NOK 660 billion in additional fees last year.


Airlines show enormous creativity, said a director for travel agencies.

Charges for extra luggage, seat options, and payment method have quadrupled since 2010 wrote Dagens Næringsliv newspaper. Now,Norwegian airline is testing a fee of 50 kroner for priority boarding in Molde,Haugesund, Kristiansand and Ålesund. This could be extended to the rest of the company’s travel grid, wrote the newspaper.

“The airlines show enormous creativity. For example, for example, we have to pay a fee to get the airline ticket, something we had previously considered quite unheard of,’’ said Bernt Roger Eliassen, director of the travel agency, ‘BCD Travel’.

“We have many examples here that ticket prices increase by 30% when luggage, seat selection, long-distance food, and credit card fees are paid,”said Eliassen.

At the same time, Eliassen pointed out that airlines should provide good service, and if they take this too far, they can be punished.


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