Top 10 stories of the week: Your Saturday morning coffee briefing Dec 18

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In case you missed it: Catch up on your weekly news with the top 10 Norway Today stories this week.

Here’s your weekly Saturday morning briefing.

1. Scientist bets NOK 1 billion that the world’s first 200-year-old person has already been born

Professor Stuart Kim of Stanford University believes that people already alive today will live to be 200. According to the professor, average life expectancy is increasing by about 2.5 years each decade. He’s so confident in this, that he’s bet (with a group of scientists) the equivalent of NOK 1 billion on it!

2. Competition authority slaps Norgesgruppen, Coop, and Rema 1000 with 21 billion kroner fine for price-fixing

Norgesgruppen, Coop, and Rema 1000 have been issued a total of NOK 21 billion in fees for price cooperation. The Norwegian Competition Authority believes that the chains have cooperated in a way that may have led to higher grocery prices. This article has the details on the issue.

3. Norwegian government to “freeze” taxes on petrol and diesel cars in 2021

The annual fee for petrol and diesel cars will not be increased in the budget for 2021. At the same time, an annual fee will be introduced for electric cars. Find the details on the tax plan here.

4. Norway and Great Britain prepare for joint “cod war” against EU

The government announced that fishing boats from lands without a valid fishing agreement with Norway would be banned from Norwegian territorial waters from New Year. Read more on the issue here.

5. Serial pooper finally stopped defecating in Norwegian golf club’s holes

For over a decade after 2005, a mystery pooper regularly left number 2s where others made holes in 1. It seems they have finally stopped. Here’s the full story.

6. NRK: Rape assault suspect from Oslo worked in more than 50 kindergartens

A man in his late 50s is charged with possession of enormous amounts of abusive material. The man worked as a substitute in over 50 kindergartens, according to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

7. Norway to increase penalties for those who use mobile phones while driving from January

The fines for using a mobile phone while driving in Norway will be increased from January. Here are the details.

8. Labor Inspection fines Oslo Municipality NOK 900,000 for making employees work 24 hours in a row

Oslo Municipality received a fine of NOK 900,000 from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority after employees had to work for 24 hours in a row. Read on for details on the reasons and statements from spokespeople.

9. Norwegians’ attitudes towards immigrants are becoming increasingly positive, new survey shows

According to the results of this year’s Statistics Norway (SSB) survey on attitudes towards immigrants and immigration, Norwegians’ attitudes towards immigrants are becoming increasingly positive. Find more information here.

10. Norway’s Liberal Party program committee wants to increase child benefit to 20,000 kroner – and tax it

The Liberal Party’s (V) program committee wants to increase the child benefit to close to NOK 20,000 and tax it in order to give the most to the families who have the greatest need. Read more about their reasoning in this article.

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