International Eurovision fans: “KEiiNO was robbed!”

KEiiNO - Monument - MGP 2021Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK / NTB

The Norwegian public has voted for TIX to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest. This has stirred up controversy among runner-up KEiiNO’s international fans.

TIX’s song “Fallen Angel” racked up over 100,000 more votes in the Melodi Grand Prix than predicted crowd favorite KEiiNO’s “Monument”.

A robbery

A lot of international fans express their dissatisfaction with KEiiNO coming in second place in the Melodi Grand Prix final. A recurring theme is that KEiiNO was “robbed” of its place in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

International potential

While TIX is a clear favorite amongst Norwegians, KEiiNO has gained an international following ever since their Eurovision debut in 2019.

Back then, the ethno-pop group came in sixth place with their hit song “Spirit in the Sky”.

A number of KEiiNO fans specify that while they do not necessarily have anything against TIX and his song “Fallen Angel”, they believe that KEiiNO’s “Monument” would have had a better chance at winning the grand Eurovision final due to its international potential.

KEiiNO performing the song “Monument” during the final of the Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) 2021. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK / NTB


KEiiNO is known for its unique style consisting of a mix of modern pop and joik, a type of song traditionally used by the indigenous Sami people.

Eurovision expert Preven Hellvik tells the Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen that “Eurovision Song Contest enthusiasts are concerned with the ethnic, and KEiiNO has the joik which contributes in telling people that “wow, here is Norway’s contribution”.

Norway last won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, with Alexander Rybak’s smash hit “Fairytale”. The song is heavily inspired by Norwegian folk music, with Rybak himself playing the fiddle.

Watch KEiiNO’s Melodi Grand Prix contribution below!

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