Male (33) without caffé latte for four days

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Male (33) without caffé latte for four days due to slippery roads at Frogner

Rescue forces from the police, the Red Cross and the Coffee Roasters emergency team today reached a 33-year-old unemployed scriptwriter who has been trapped in his apartment at Frogner for over four days without access to caffé latte due to extremely slippery conditions in Oslo.


Neighbours allegedly observed the 33-year-old lying on his stomach on a toboggan trying to reach the nearest coffee bar using steel brushed saladware from Georg Jensen.

The man has explained to the rescue crew that he drinks about a dozen cups of caffé latte every day, and that he started to feel unwell after just a few hours without.

The cell phone was out of juice because he had updated Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all the time, telling all his yoga buddies how crazily slippery the conditions are in Oslo, and his cell phone charger is left at a friends place at Riis.

– I heard sobbing and crying from the apartment for a couple of days, but thought it was just some of that ambient indie joik he usually listens to, a neighbour states to the Grapes of wrath.

After three days the sobbing gradually evolved into hyperventilation. It was then that the 33-year-old decided to get out of the apartment, break into the neighbour’s store room and exercised the emergency right to take the sled he later was found lying on 20 meters down the street.

– He received intravenous caffé latte in small doses until he came too, says Elin Holmedal, CEO of the Oslo Red Cross.

– Did he say anything?

– He said it was the worst thing he had experienced since the wineshop at Gol were sold out of dry, organic Riesling in the Easter of ’08.


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