James Bond “B25” may be filmed in Norway

james bond b25Daniel Craig as Agent 007 (James Bond),in the next Bond movie, with the working title "B25". It may be partially shot in Norway. Photo: Screengrab /IMDB

New James Bond movie could be filmed in Norway

The next James Bond movie has been offered a grant of up to NOK 47 million if parts of the recording are added in Norway. NRK news mentioned the matter first.

The Norwegian Film Institute announced on Friday which films were awarded so-called incentive grants.There, it was stated that the next James Bond movie, with the preliminary title “B25”, is considering filming in Norway. On this background, the Film Institute has offered production NOK 47 million.

‘’We are pleased that the recording of the film with the preliminary title, B25, is considering Norway. The grant framework we offer the film recording, NOK 47 million, is the largest in the incentive scheme’s history,’’ said department director, Stine Helgeland, of the Norwegian Film Institute.

B25 has Daniel Craig starring. According to the film site IMDB, the film will be premiered in February 2020.

The recording of the film will start in March.

The incentive scheme for film provides a 25% refund of expenses for international film recordings in Norway.

James Bond has also previously shown interest in filming in Norway, but then selected places that gave larger tax discounts. Although the production is now offered a large tax advantage in Norway, it is not certain that it will be taken up, wrote Bergens Tidende newspaper.

There are many countries that want to give incentives for one of the world’s largest brands to leave their footprint with them the newspaper reported.

IMDB has made a preview of the film.

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  1. Agnes mumbi | 27. January 2019 at 08:38 |

    I love james bond moves so much,i would love to appear in their movie,i live in norway,if they are doing shoting here i beg daniel craig i love him so much

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