Norway’s “Mållag” language organization wants the King to speak Nynorsk

King Harald gives the New Year's speech in 2020 at the Palace. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Mållag believes the king should start giving speeches in Nynorsk. Riksmålsforbundet, on the other hand, believes that no one should be required to speak a language that is not theirs.

In a draft of a new work program for Norway’s Mållag, it is stated that 25% of the Royal House‘s speeches should be in Nynorsk (New Norwegian), according to NRK.

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It was Sogn Avis that first reported the case.

“It may be ambitious, but it is not an unreasonable demand. The Royal House is for the whole of Norway and must use the entire Norwegian language,” said Leader of Mållaget, Peder Lofnes Hauge, to the national broadcaster.

Hauge thinks this is feasible, as the members of the royal family have gone to school and received the needed language training.

The Royal House answers that they work to ensure that 25% of the content on their websites is in Nynorsk. The speeches today are published in Bokmål, which is closest to the language used by the royal family.

Trond Vernegg of Riksmålsforbundet, on the other hand, believes the king should reject the claim.

“We are in principle against quotas. Language is a personal matter. It’s about our identity and who we are. Therefore, we believe that no one should be ordered to speak a language that is not theirs,” Vernegg explained to NRK.

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