Show starring Norwegian “fjord cowboys” nominated for best program of the year in Finland

Love of the wildTop row from left: Stefano Percino - Italy, Morgan Vikne - Norway and Doris Hiebeler, Austria. Photo: NTRNZ Media

Love of the Wild: from the Alps to the Arctic has enchanted nature lovers.

Three so-called “fjord cowboys” from Norway are super celebrities in Finland. Morgan Vikne, Terje Gravdal, and Trygve Øvstebø are stars of the nature series Love of the Wild: from the Alps to the Arctic.

The program has been nominated for Golden Venlas – the biggest tv award in Finland – in the categories Best Lifestyle Program and Best Program in Finland in 2020.

About the series

Love of the Wild follows the lives of Morgan and his friends Terje and Trygve. Together, the trio takes viewers across rugged natural landscapes in an up-close-and-personal way. For example, they traverse fjords on a fishing boat and pass through the highlands on horseback.

Filming of the TV show began in August 2018. It first aired in Finland in late 2019.

The show is one of Finland’s most famous lifestyle series – gathering over 10% of the population to watch every episode!

Unique personalities

Heavy-metal fan Morgan is the core character. He enjoys relaxing in nature and journeying out to the wilderness as a counterbalance to his stressful work. The persona of this easy-going, head-banging Viking has totally charmed Finnish audiences.

Morgan is shown heading out on travels, fishing trips, and hunting trips throughout the year, while also teaching nature values to kids. One of his worries is that young people are losing their connection to nature.

“We’ve been really lucky to be able to film and follow Morgan’s life in this natural paradise. He lives right next to the fjord and is able to go directly to the mountains from his backyard. This lifestyle must appeal to Finnish as well as global audiences”, says the screenwriter and producer Teemu Hostikka.

Based on an award-winning format

Love of the Wild: from the Alps to the Arctic is an international version of three-time Golden Venla winner series called Eränkävijät. While the original series focuses on Finnish nature and people, Love of the Wild: from the Alps to the Arctic offers a larger-scale view by showing the many faces of European nature – from the highest mountains, across the largest lakes, to the northernmost stretches of the wilderness of Europe.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if Norwegians would decide what is the best program in Finland?”, says Hostikka.

“I believe it would send a funny but important message that nature is our shared matter across the borders.”

A second season

The show’s equally exciting second season is underway, too.

Check out the season two trailer here!

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