4 Strategies for reducing anxiety

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4 Strategies for reducing anxiety during presentations

Experiencing some anxiety and stress are natural for all humans. Distress during a speech is one of the most important types of anxiety. In this article, I will discuss solutions to prevent such anxiety. I suggest you do not miss this article.

Do not attempt to relax yourself

Rather than trying to calm down, it’s best to believe that you’re excited about what’s going on and be happy. You may be curious to how such a strategy can be effective. Physiologically, we have two different systems, a propulsion and a stop system. Attempting to calm down entails trying to shut off your stop system. Anxiety is a very unpleasant feeling, and it’s almost impossible to eliminate it very quickly through hypnosis, but it can be felt as an excitement and, in essence, change its type.

Practice in front of real audiences

When you speak in front of a large crowd, the faces disappear before your eyes, and eye contact is, to some extent lost. When speaking to a small group, on the other hand, you can clearly link their reactions to statements. This makes you feel as much stress as possible before your factual experience and make you ready for this, as best as is possible.

Turn down the lights

In order to reduce anxiety during a speech, it is best to minimize the room lighting to lessen intimidaton.



Know your audience

Another fact regarding a successful presentation is that the more you recognize the audience, the less anxiety you will experience. So if you do not already know the audience or do not know them closely, try to talk with them before starting a presentation.



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