Director of Customs: It’s fantastic that so many Norwegians want to study and work in customs

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In 35 study locations, the customs-related education program received a total of 2,064 first-priority applications this year.

This is the first year that Norwegian students can complete a bachelor’s degree in customs. The study program is offered at the University of Stavanger.

“It is fantastic that so many want to take the customs education. We have always had many skilled applicants for the Customs’ internal education, but we were very excited to see how the new bachelor’s program would be received,” Customs director Øystein Børmer noted.

Spotlight on the profession

He points out that the agency has worked consciously and purposefully to present the Customs as an employer in recent years.

Among other things, there has been a TV series that many have watched, and the pandemic has put extra focus on safety and emergency preparedness.

“I take these high application numbers as a sign that we have succeeded,” Børmer said, adding that the agency will need good customs officers in the years to come.

Bachelor’s program in customs

In the bachelor’s program in customs, goods movement, and border control, key subjects are law, trade, intelligence, psychology, cultural and social sciences, conflict management, and logistics. The study includes a six-month internship at customs offices.

The customs education is the country’s second most popular education after the Master of Business Administration at the Norwegian School of Management (NHH), which has 2,221 first-choice applications for its 500 study places.

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