Jobs, jobs and more jobs await dwindling numbers learning German in Norwegian schools


Still fewer are learning German in Norwegian schools. At the same time,the business community is calling for German-speaking employees.

43% of German teachers in upper secondary schools in Oslo are over 60 years old. And 63% of teachers are over 50 years old.

“We see that there is a need for increased recruitment in the years to come, and we have initiated a number of measures to get more people to choose German subjects,” said Line Andressen of the Education Service to Aftenposten newspaper.

In addition to the high average age of teachers, German students are also struggling to learn other languages such as English, French,Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

As fewer and fewer learn German, the need for languages is big in business,and good jobs await young people with knowledge of German. Germany is ranked Norway’s most important trading partner, according to the Technical Assessment Committee (TBU), and one in seven NHO companies say they need German-speaking employees.


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