20 million views in 1 week: Norwegian student goes viral for Tik Tok of Oslo business school

Tik Tok phonePhoto: Olivier Bergeron / Unsplash

A next-generation college tour?

Student Andrea Ludvigsen recorded scenes from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. In two videos, she shows a large atrium with floor-to-ceiling windows and modern facilities, including a Starbucks and supermarket.

The first video, set to the tune of Kanye West‘s Gold Digger, racked up over 20 million views in one week. It currently has 22 million views and 5 million likes. The second video, with almost 600,000 views and 82K likes, shows the school at nighttime.

Many users compared the school to an airport or shopping mall – and their own universities. These are a few of the comments, of which there are over 200,000 on the videos:

“Well its norway so its proly true”

“That’s an airport. Prove me wrong”

“That school is bigger than the mall in my town”

“i’d never fail a single class here”

“You’re telling me my school can’t afford to give us toilet paper… and you go to school in a mall?!”

“Where is the school part”

“And it’s cheaper than most American colleges”

“Gurl that’s ikea”

“We can’t even afford pencils”

Lots of comments also reflected wishes to move to Norway after users saw the videos.


Reply to @austinpeyton // The school (or the mall/airport) by night!🤓 #fyp

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