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20,000 volunteers to fight against marine litter

Illustration, Photo: PixabayIllustration, Photo: Pixabay

Nordic Beach Cleaning Day 2017

The launch of the Nordic region’s first collective voluntary cleaning day will take place at the Norwegian Naval Museum on Tuesday in Norway. More than 20,000 volunteers have already signed up.


The Nordic Beach Cleaning Day 2017 will be opened on Tuesday, May 2, by Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen and the Chairman of UN Environment Program (UNEP), Erik Solheim.

The opening event will take place at the Norwegian Maritime Museum in Oslo, in collaboration with the Inshore Service and is sponsored by Ragn-Sells.

– Our goals include raising awareness about marine litter as an environmental problem and increased mobilization to cleanup all over the Nordic region, says CEO of Keep Norway Clean, Lise Keilty Gulbransen. She is also Project Manager for Nordic Beach Cleaning Day 2017 and initiator of the joint effort.

Cleans inland as well

The Beach Cleaning Day is the largest collective voluntary tidying effort, and this year Keep Norway Clean expects more participants than ever.

The goal is to mobilize at least 25,000 volunteers during the year’s effort. It takes place both along the coast and inland along the waterways and lakes, as well as in forest and open land.

Beach Cleaning Week 2 – 7 May

In Norway, the Nordic Beach Cleaning Day is part of Beach Cleaning Week 2 – 7th of May, but the season’s cleaning season started already in early February several places in the country.

Thousands of volunteers have already been out and tidied beaches, and to date has over 20,000 volunteers signed up in the fight against marine litter.

Everyone is free to decide the date of their own cleaning action. If it is not suitable to clean now, you can choose to clean at a later date.

1, 000 tons of marine waste

– At the Nordic level, we aim to mobilize at least 65,000 volunteers and collect at least 1,000 tons of marine waste, says Gulbransen.

Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic The Beach Cleaning Day 2017 is carried out with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. They will also attend at the Norwegian Maritime Museum Tuesday, May 2nd.


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