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Attention North Norway: Locate your shorts

North Norway heat waveRed means HOT: The situation coming Friday - with temperatures in Northern Norway above 20 degrees. Map: ECMWF / Meteorological Institute Oslo


Attention North Norway: Locate your shorts. Here comes the heat!

Over 20 Celsius is expected in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Warmest is expected in Inner parts of Troms. The North have a nice week in store.


– Yes, it looks very good for Northern Norway in the coming week, says State Meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe to Nordlys.

Especially towards the weekend it will be hot.

Have to wait a little longer

On Monday, the North Norwegians can start searching for their shorts in the back of their closets.

– It will not happen so much Monday. Then it’s only going to be a few degrees warmer, but already from Tuesday the temperature begins to rise.

It is a high pressure over Russia and Finland. It will bring in hot and dry air over northern Norway.

The temperature is expected to increase quite a lot in Troms and Finnmark. The region can experience up to 20 degrees centigrade.

– It appears that it may be as warm as around 20 degrees next week-end, he says, and adds:

– I guess that is long awaited.

He is spot on there. This spring has been of the cool variety.

Lasts till after the week-end

He estimates that Inner Troms will be the warmest area.

And how long will the nice weather last?

– It seems that the heat wave can last till after the week-end.


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